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We are looking for Professor in Medical biology

Date of publication: 15.11.2023

You will be able to enjoy exciting tasks, scientific development opportunities and individual approach to professional growth.


Malta (Gzira)

Personnel requirements for the candidate:

  • Academic degree: PhD (Doctor) in Biology/Medicine
  • Academic title: Professor
  • Document certifying your English proficiency at the level of at least В2
  • Document(s) on advanced training for the past 5 years
  • Publications for the past 5 years corresponding to the specialty: 222 Medicine, 091 Biology specialized periodical publications, in foreign publications indexed in Scopus and/or Web of Science Core Collection international databases.


  • To give lectures and hold practical classes in relevant disciplines in English;
  • To create and maintain distance courses in taught disciplines;
  • Educational and methodical work (preparation of programs, working programs and other methodical materials);
  • Scientific activities (publication of scientific articles, participants in monographs, scientific conferences, etc.);
  • Educational work with students.

The candidate should:

  • have high moral qualities, organizational skills, comply with teaching ethics;
  • have an appropriate physical and mental state of health;
  • have practical work experience;
  • ensure the high scientific and methodical level of teaching academic disciplines in the full scope of the educational program in accordance with the training area and/or relevant specialty;
  • constantly advance his/her professional and scientific level and teaching skills;

Payment is on an hourly basis.

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