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The IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus Library

The University Library at the International European University (IEU) in Malta is an essential resource for students, faculty, and researchers. The library provides access to a vast collection of print and digital materials, including books, journals, e-books, and multimedia resources. The library is equipped with state-of-art facilities and technology to support learning and research activities. It has a spacious reading room and individual study areas, as well as group study rooms equipped with multimedia facilities. The IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus is among the TOP ranked universities in Malta. It provides students with the opportunity to get a European higher educational degree and take part in academic mobility programs in European universities.

The library at IEU is staffed by knowledgeable and helpful librarians who are available to assist users with their research and information needs. The librarians work closely with faculty members to ensure that the library’s resources and services are tailored to the needs of students and researchers. IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus is a great option for international students wanted to pursue a higher education degree in Europe with academic mobility programs and internships abroad

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