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Campus History

The History of Campus

The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is a prestigious educational institution located in Cospicua (earlier called Bormla), a historic port city on the Eastern coast of Malta. The university campus is situated in a renovated building that was originally constructed in the 17th and 19th centuries for the British Royal Navy and the Knights of St John. The British Building, constructed in the mid-19th century, served as a workshop for the British Royal Navy in Cospicua. The University Campus building was designed by William Scamp, the same architect who designed the rest of the dockyard. The Knights’ Building was built in 1689 under the direction of Adrien de Wignacourt, the Grand Master of the Order of St John. Emmanuel de Rohan-Polduc. Another Grand Architect Master added arcades to the structure in 1776. The upper level of the Knights’ Building was used for sail-making and rope production during the period when Malta was under British control.

During the latter half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, the area around Porto delle Galere in Cospicua was used for naval services and stores. It also served as a haven for fishermen and a base for commercial expeditions and corsairs ventures in the Mediterranean. The area was also home to a large market building. During World War II, both the British Building and the Knights’ Building were severely damaged, and the subsequent repairs did not take into account their historical value. In the 1970s, a similar building located on the other side of the dry dock was demolished, causing a significant loss of cultural heritage.

In recent years the area has been restored and transformed into a tranquil recreational space. A 40-meter steel bridge now connects both sides of the promenade, and the wall that previously separated the two sides has been removed. The renovation initiative involved building green spaces, fountains, street furniture, and ornamental lighting. In 2016, the Planning Authority approved the renovation of the British and Knights’ Buildings to house part of the campus of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus.

The project involved restoring the existing buildings, reconstructing parts destroyed during the war, and adding intermediate and additional floors with a modern glass-and-steel design. Edwin Mintoff Architects carried out the renovation between November 2016 and March 2019. The Sadeen Building, as it is now called, houses lecture halls, laboratories, administrative facilities, and the library for the university. The renovation of the British and Knights’ Buildings has given the university a unique and historic campus that reflects its commitment to excellence and innovation. In February 2020, the Sadeen Building won the Golden A’ Design Award, a prestigious international design competition.

IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus Campus Today

The classrooms, laboratories, and computer facilities at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus campus are designed to enhance students’ learning experiences. The library of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is a valuable resource of information for students and faculty members. It has a large collection of books, journals, and other scholarly materials that cover a wide range of academic disciplines. Near the physical collection, the library offers access to several electronic databases, allowing students and faculty members to search for articles and research papers online.

The library of the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus has individual study carrels, group study rooms, and tables, providing students with a quiet and comfortable space to study and work on assignments. The library staff is available to assist students with research and provide guidance on using the library’s resources effectively. The special collections room at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus library contains rare books, manuscripts, and other unique materials related to Maltese history and culture. Researchers and scholars are welcome to access these materials for academic purposes.

The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus has several computer labs equipped with the latest hardware and software. Students can use these labs to complete their coursework, access online resources, improve their technical skills, and for personal purposes during regular working hours. Thanks to high-speed internet connectivity, students can use computer labs without any disruptions. To ensure the smooth operation of the laboratory, a technical support team is working there to provide assistance in case of any technical difficulties or issues.

The student center at the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus campus provides students with a variety of amenities to relax and socialize. The cafeteria serves meals and snacks throughout the day, offering students a convenient place to grab a bite to eat between classes. The lounge area is a comfortable zone where students can relax, chat with friends, and watch television. The games room is equipped with a pool table, foosball table, and other games, providing students with a fun way to unwind and socialize.

The campus of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus offers a range of clubs and societies catering to students’ interests and hobbies. The clubs and societies provide students with opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, develop new skills, and pursue their passions outside of the classroom. The university organizes student clubs for extracurricular activities, such as the Sports Club, Debate Club, Photography Club, Music Club, Entrepreneurship Club, etc.

The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus collaborates with a local medical center to provide students with medical services. This medical center is located on the campus of the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus and is staffed by high-quality medical professionals. Students can get basic medical services (first aid, consultations, treatment for illnesses and injuries) and emergency assistance. The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus provides health and wellness programs to promote healthy living among students. These programs include health education seminars, fitness classes, and mental health counseling.

The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus, has established a Modern Medical Simulation Center to provide students with a practical learning experience. This center has been designed to simulate real-life scenarios that medical professionals face in their daily practice. By providing this hands-on learning opportunity, students are able to develop their skills and become well-rounded healthcare professionals. The Medical Simulation Centers of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus offer students the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in a simulated environment, allowing them to gain valuable experience and develop critical thinking skills. Students work on various medical cases and scenarios, such as emergencies, surgeries, and diagnostic procedures. The simulators used in the center are equipped with advanced technology, including virtual reality, to provide a realistic and immersive experience.

One of the key advantages of the Medical Simulation Center is the ability for students to practice without any risks or consequences to real patients. This provides them with a safe environment to learn and make mistakes, allowing them to learn from their errors and develop their skills further. The simulations can be adjusted to suit the level of expertise of the students, ensuring that they are appropriately challenged and can progress at their own pace.

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