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Welcome to Student Campus!

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is located in Griza – one of Malta’s most picturesque cities. Enshrined in culture and history, the city boasts an exuberant blend of restaurants, cafes, and tranquil seaside vistas, beckoning students to bask in the splendor of Malta’s enchanting beauty! The Student Campus lies nestled in a complex resplendent with modern architecture. Student Campus fosters a welcoming and innovative environment where the pursuit of knowledge is elevated to an artistic endeavor, immersing students in a culture of uncompromising creativity and inspiration.

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is strategically located near various city attractions, including shopping malls, grocery shops, gyms, and more, making it convenient for students to access everything they need for a comfortable living. Moreover, the student campus is surrounded by libraries, museums, clubs, and coffee shops, ensuring that students always have plenty of options to stay entertained and engaged. Students can effortlessly explore the city’s cultural charms and uncover hidden gems, immersing themselves in the vibrant local scene.

Modern Study Facilities

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus attracts a vast amount of international students and ensures the best facilities and services for students’ housing, such as accommodation, canteens, medical and social services, sports centers, academic centers, modern auditoriums, cultural centers, an internet connection, and many more. Classrooms and lecture halls at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus are equipped with comfortable seating, audio-visual equipment, and teaching aids. The learning environment at the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus is conducive to active engagement and discussion. All classrooms are equipped with the necessary multimedia and modern furniture. At International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus, we prioritize the integration of innovative technologies in the learning process. By utilizing modern tools and software, we help our students develop the technical skills and expertise needed to excel in their chosen fields. Our graduates consistently demonstrate a high level of proficiency and ability to adapt to changes in the industry, making valuable contributions to their respective professions. It’s our firm belief that the use of modern technologies is an essential aspect of preparing students for success in their careers and meeting the demands of today’s employment market.

In the field of Management and Administration, students have the opportunity to explore various technologies popular in the industry. These technologies contribute to the development of skills and knowledge in the field of business around the world. One of the popular technologies commonly studied includes data analytics, which has revolutionized the field of business administration. By using modern analytics tools, leaders gain valuable insights and visibility into their organizations. Students learn to leverage data analytics to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are integrated software applications that help manage different aspects of business operations like finance, supply chain, and human resources. Studying ERP systems allows students to gain proficiency in streamlining business processes and optimizing resource utilization. Project management software assists in planning, organizing, and executing projects efficiently. By exploring popular project management platforms, students develop essential skills in managing tasks, timelines, and team collaboration.

The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Сampus offers access to a modern Digital Library with an extensive collection of academic resources readily available to all students and faculty. It boasts an impressive collection of books, scientific journals, and articles accessible to everyone. The Digital Library contains a collection of more than 3,000 scanned books and provides access to a range of scholarly materials such as monographs, online newspapers, magazines, conference papers, online databases, and individual book chapters. Additionally, the Student Campus is supplied with multiple workstations, equipped with computers and laptops. There are individual carrel desks, group study rooms, and a reading area for individuals to relax and concentrate. At the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Сampus, we always strive to provide high-quality services and facilities, with a range of digital resources, training rooms, and study VR rooms available for every student. 

Advanced Medical Equipment

The International European University, Ukraine Malta Campus is proud to offer state-of-art biology and chemistry laboratories, specifically designed to cater to the needs of our esteemed medical students. Within our brand-new campus, we are equipped with a cutting-edge Simulation Medical Center, one of the most advanced medical facilities in Malta. The center is furnished with medical simulators meticulously replicating various clinical scenarios, providing our students with a secure and controlled environment to hone their skills and strengthen their decision-making capabilities. Simulation Medical Center houses an array of patient simulators, surgical simulators, and other specialized simulators, enabling our students to garner practical experience and refine their competencies. Emphasizing the significance of digital learning, we strive to expand our students’ knowledge concerning treatment methodologies, recovery techniques, disease prevention, and health promotion through the utilization of the most advanced technologies available. By leveraging modern technologies, we ensure that the learning process remains engaging and highly effective.

International medical students benefit from using advanced technologies such as telemedicine, nanomedicine, 5G-enabled devices, healthcare digital assistants, smart pacemakers, cancer immunotherapy, robotic surgery, and smart inhalers. Innovative medical tools are integral to international medical education, fostering a deep understanding of avant-garde medical practices. Anatomical models serve as indispensable tools during practical classes. Intricately constructed 3D models of the human body offer comprehensive insights into anatomy and physiology. Ranging from full-body models to models depicting specific organs or bodily systems, these anatomical models play a vital role in enlightening our students on the intricacies of the human form. At the International European University, Ukraine Malta Campus, our commitment to providing medical students with the finest educational resources and facilities is unwavering. We nurture a dynamic learning environment that blends theory with practice, empowering our students to become accomplished medical professionals in their respective fields.

The Best Accommodation

At The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus, we value the academic growth of our students. That’s why our accommodations are designed to encourage academic excellence and provide all the necessary amenities for the daily needs of our students.  Student Accommodation provides a safe social environment where students can meet new friends, participate in social activities, and try out new hobbies. We have taken care of every detail to ensure students stay is as comfortable as possible. Our rooms are furnished with cozy and comfortable beds, complete with a set of bed mattresses, soft pillows, and warm blankets. Students have everything they need for a good night’s sleep. Our student bedrooms are equipped with modern storage solutions designed to maximize space and keep students’ essentials neatly organized. From shelves and drawers to hidden compartments and spacious wardrobes, every inch has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure students have everything they need at their fingertips. We have also furnished our kitchen with modern appliances to make cooking a breeze!

Living in Student Accommodation in Malta is an excellent way for international students to become fully immersed in our student community. Students can stay connected with our high-speed Wi-Fi and enjoy the perfect temperature all year round with the air conditioning system. Students can set the temperature just the way they like it, ensuring they have a pleasant and cozy living space. Students safety is our priority! Each room is securely locked with personal keys, giving students peace of mind and ensuring their privacy. We have also installed smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits throughout the accommodation to ensure students’ safety in case of an emergency.

Living in the Student Accommodation also fosters a supportive learning environment. International students easily collaborate with fellow students, engage in group study sessions, and exchange ideas, creating a conducive atmosphere for academic success. The close proximity to classrooms and campus facilities makes it convenient for students to attend classes, access resources, and engage in various academic pursuits. The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus offers a ton of opportunities to indulge in your passions outside of classes. With over 20 student clubs, ranging from sports, arts, cultural organizations, and outdoor adventures in nature, students will always find something to keep them engaged and excited. Come be a part of our vibrant and dynamic student life and make the most out of your time here!

Convenient Location

International European University is located in Gzira, one of Malta’s most beautiful cities. The city is rich in culture, diverse history, restaurants, and cafés at the seashore. Our University is located in a unique complex with modern architecture providing students with a friendly and inspiring learning atmosphere. The Students Campus is situated near the International European University so it is always fast and comfortable to get there on foot. Due to the convenient location and modern transport system, students can get to any place in the city in a short time. The International European University’s Campus is located near the most important and useful city attractions such as shopping malls, grocery shops, gyms, and many others, therefore you will find what you need for comfortable living.

Delicious Food

IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus Restaurant in Gzira is staffed with highly qualified caterers ready to provide international students with a delightful dining experience. Our team of talented local chefs is dedicated to boosting students’ energy and satisfying every taste bud. Indulge in the exquisite and diverse flavors of Maltese cuisine, which beautifully reflects the rich history of Malta, with strong influences from Italian, Spanish, French, and Provençal culinary traditions. Our menu features dishes prepared with simple, fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat. You’ll find common ingredients like olive oil, garlic, onions, and tomatoes infusing our dishes with delectable flavors. We also use a variety of aromatic spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to enhance the taste profiles.

Relish a Mediterranean culinary experience with a touch of continental and Arabic influences. Our starters include savory soups, pasta, risotto, and flavorful dips paired with bread or biscuits. For main courses, students savor pasta and potato bakes and enjoy delicious meat and fish dishes when dining out. To truly experience the essence of Maltese cuisine, we recommend trying pastizzi, a savory pastry filled with either ricotta cheese or mushy peas. This beloved Maltese street food, often found in diamond or round shapes, is readily available in pastizzi shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants across the city. Complementing our diverse menu, we serve Maltese bread, a staple of the island’s culinary heritage, alongside our meals. This simple yet flavorful bread is made with a combination of flour, water, yeast, and salt. As a delightful conclusion to your meal, indulge in our selection of sweet treats, including almond cakes, ricotta-filled pastry tubes, sesame seed and honey sweets, and honey rings.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our Muslim students by providing halal food options and having a dedicated halal mess, ensuring that our Muslim students can fully engage in the social aspects of student life without compromising their dietary choices. Halal food can include chicken biryani, lamb kebabs, falafel, and vegetable curry, all prepared following Islamic dietary guidelines. At the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus, we take pride in providing a supportive and welcoming environment for our international students. The staff at our campus restaurant is dedicated to making students’ time with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We sincerely hope that your stay at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus will feel like a second home. Welcome to Student Campus!

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