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About International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus

Welcome to the website of the International European University in Malta! We are the most modern multidisciplinary University in Malta and the European Union. We offer English-taught medical programs, professional degrees in Malta, and affordable medical internships in Europe. 

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is excited to welcome new international students and foreign exchange students from Europe and all over the world! Are you ready to study MBBS in Cospicua, undertake medical internships in Malta and Europe, challenge old ideas, and develop the world around you by collaborating with brilliant minds and the best practitioners? We are the right choice for you! What is the best university to study medicine in Malta? Sure, International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is the best option for students seeking to pursue an MBBS course in Malta. 

Our Mission is to provide international students of the International European University in Malta with the best facilities, knowledge, technologies, and internships in Malta to make the world a better place for everyone. IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus’s student community is an active participant in European exchange student programs and is rich in many cultural, social, and global traditions. We promote identity, inclusion, and expression to teach a generation of Medical, IT, Engineering, Art, Science, and Law professionals famous in Malta and abroad. 

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is recognized worldwide for its innovative teaching methods, clinical training, research programs, and affordable exchange student programs in Europe. Obtaining MBBS in Cospicua at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is getting more and more popular among international students due to the wide range of career options, overseas internship opportunities, and high salaries after graduating. 

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is the place where a completely new approach to student education has been introduced. The educational process in Cospicua and international internships in Malta are organized according to modern European curricula.  A well-stocked university library provides access to a significant fund of printed pages and subscriptions to dozens of world professional periodicals. A powerful university electronic library offers access to several leading world libraries.

The training for international students looking for options to Study MBBS in Cospicua at International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is conducted by experienced teachers, medical practitioners, well-known scientists, and healthcare business professionals famous in Malta and the USA. The teaching staff perceives higher education in a modern way and is ready to teach and educate a new generation of professionals to be experts in their chosen fields demanded by the labor market. 

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus has extensive professional experience in training highly qualified specialists graduating from the medical courses in Cospicua. More than 80% of teachers have the degree of the highest level, academic title, and international practice. 

Combining the experience of Maltese higher education with European and world standards in various fields, International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus offers medical degrees and higher education courses of the highest level to international students in Malta. Medical and Clinical Internships in Malta and Europe, a high level of education, international competitiveness, and bright student life are available for every international student as well. Students of International European University take part in international conferences, Maltese and European exchange student programs, have many opportunities for internships both in Malta and around the globe and undergo summer internships not only in settings (enterprises) of Malta but also abroad (Israel, Italy, Slovakia, Georgia, Ukraine, and many others.)

University Facilities

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus offers modern facilities and resources: 100% of the International European University’s auditoriums are equipped with media; the latest teaching methods are introduced; innovative technologies are used; clinical departments for training medical students in Malta with the most modern diagnostic and medical equipment are located in the leading medical institutions of Cospicua. Departments are supplied with educational and methodical literature, computer and office equipment, multimedia equipment, and modern furniture. The training process, facilities, and resources of the International European University offering a medical degree in medicine in Cospicua reach the standards and requirements of ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation of Malta. We make everything possible to prepare specialists in high demand in Malta, Europe, Asia, the USA, Canada, and any other place in the world. 

The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus provides disabled people obtaining a degree in Medicine in Cospicua and other low-mobility groups with unimpeded access to buildings, training laboratories, offices, reading rooms, a library, and assembly halls. Students of International European University with disabilities and wheelchair users can move freely to public places, comfortably meet daily needs, take rest, and have benefits when enrolling at the university. 

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus staff is dedicated to the development of research work. Interesting and useful optional classes are held for students studying medicine and surgery in Cospicua at The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus.  Well-known healthcare professionals, top managers, successful business representatives, international lecturers, tutors, and other educators are invited to IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus in Cospicua. 

At International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus we encourage the principles of student-centered learning in action, not on paper: we involve students of the medicine course of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus in active participation in the creation of the learning process while earning a degree in Cospicua. Any decision of the management in the organization of the educational process is made by agreement, including students as its part. 

Non-resident, foreign students of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus are provided with places in the university dormitories. All rooms are renovated and furnished. We are happy to meet international exchange students in Cospicua on our modern and renewed University Campus! International Student Campus is located in the heart of the city of Cospicua. It is surrounded by libraries, museums, clubs, and coffee shops so you never get bored. 

Explore excellent infrastructure, particularly in our mechanical and medical labs in Cospicua designed for training specialists in medical disciplines. The living and studying conditions are clean and comfortable, and the food in the canteen is absolutely delicious. The classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities are well-maintained and ready to meet all the student requirements. 

International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is a University of opportunities for the best and brightest students searching for higher education degree programs in Cospicua.  IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus is the perfect choice for those looking for modern and recognized around the globe international degree and exploring the opportunities of the future in Malta and worldwide. 

University Structure 

The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus comprises 8 dedicated university schools: 

  • European Medical School
  • European Business School
  • European School of IT
  • European School of Law
  • European Language School
  • European School of Architecture and Engineering
  • European School of Humanities
  • European School of Life Sciences

Worldwide famous European School of Medicine aims to prepare high-level specialists capable of solving problems and conducting research related to public health, disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The program of General Medicine/MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in Malta was designed for proper and effective training of specialists in the field of medicine and their professional development. Medical students of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus use modern Simulation Centers in Malta for their practical classes. The University collaborates with famous medical institutions in Malta and abroad to let students gain knowledge and experience. 

The European School of Business is the newest educational and scientific institute which combines the best traditions of training highly qualified and competitive specialists – economists, managers, business administrators, marketers, accountants, financiers, organizers of business and stock exchange activities, technologists, and managers in the hotel and restaurant business, and tourism. International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus educators bring real-life knowledge and experience into the classroom helping students understand the current business climate worldwide. 

The Courses in Information Technologies at the School of IT are aimed to meet society’s demands nowadays and prepare a generation of skilled IT specialists. Students obtain proper knowledge of software and hardware development, software engineering, web design, information systems, programming, and graphic design. The students gain theoretical and practical knowledge and take part in many team and individual projects. 

European School of Architecture and Engineering is an environment of an informal approach to training highly qualified specialists in the construction field. Future architects and engineers get acquainted with the most modern technologies, software packages, and digital solutions which are used nowadays both in Europe and beyond its borders for solving topical problems of forming living and human activity space. Architecture & Engineering Course aims to acquire, design, and impart state-of-the-art engineering education advancing regional, national, and global development. 

At the European School of Law, international students gain an in-depth understanding of the law and legal principles across disciplines. We train students as highly qualified, internationally-oriented lawyers based on modern didactical principles. The European School of Law conducts top-ranking investigations in all important legal fields: private law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, and international law. 

The European Language School help students get the language skills and practical experience they need to make a successful international career. The European Language School offers language courses in a variety of languages and assists international students with reading, writing, and speaking skills. We use all language skills in various real-world situations to develop the language knowledge and fluency needed to communicate globally. 

The European School of Humanities is where future leaders, communicators, scholars, CEOs, storytellers, creatives, directors, writers, and entrepreneurs come to get their start. Students of the European School of Humanities gain an understanding of others through language, literature, communication, the arts, music, behavior, and cognitive processes.  They develop communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills. The faculty and staff of the European School of Humanities share a passion for the humanities and a spirit of curiosity and creativity. They seek to cultivate an open intellectual outlook in our students. 

The European School of Life Sciences offers world-class, research-based education across the full life science spectrum, including biomedical sciences, whole organismal biology, microbiology, structural biology, biological chemistry, and ecology. The European School of Life Sciences is comprised of caring and enthusiastic lecturers ensuring international students become highly employable graduates, with a rich university experience and a first-class degree in the Life Sciences. The School combines academic learning, practical experience, and the use of advanced technologies. 

The European University gives the opportunity to join various student organizations, to participate in international programs and student exchange programs in Europe. 96% of the graduates of IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus are successful in their job search and are in high demand by the best companies in the world. IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus’s educational standards are recommended and approved by the World Health Organization, the World Medical Association, and IAAR.  

Become part of a global network of students, teachers, and alumni who share a passion for learning, innovation, and global development! We look forward to welcoming you to the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus community and helping you achieve your goals.

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