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Orientation Week

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    Exploring the Campus

    The International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus always does its best to insure all of the freshmen feel confident and welcomed when they first arrive in Gzira! When students arrive in Malta, they are greeted by the IEU staff and taken to their accommodation. They have a chance to relax and settle in before attending an orientation session where we will explain all the important things about living in Malta, including information about everyday spending, the city map, and their personal schedules.

    The campus is a good place to start the exploration of the university! It is the center of all academic activity, and students can find all the facilities they need here. There are several libraries on campus that can be used for research purposes or just for reading a book in peace. The lecture theatres offer a wide range of courses in different subjects, while computer labs provide students with access to computers and printers so they can complete their assignments at any time during their stay at IEU.

    The accommodation options available on campus include single rooms or shared flats with other international students who have come from different countries around the world as well!

    Meeting Teachers and Fellow Students

    Students have the opportunity to meet their future educators and fellow students before their first week of classes. At the opening session of each course, students are introduced to their professor or teaching assistant, who will tell more about their background and how they can help them in their studies. Students also have some time for questions at this point.

    Students have an opportunity to meet alumni from their program or other students from around the world who are currently studying at IEU Malta. This is a great way for international students to get advice about life in Malta as well as tips on how to prepare for academic success here!

    The first week of study abroad experience is an opportunity to explore the city and get a feel for the culture. If our freshmen are interested in taking part in any local events, such as festivals or carnivals, this is also an excellent time to do so! We also encourage our nubies to visit museums and galleries and explore the historic sites of Gzira. The orientation week is the best time for making friends, joining student organizations, attending social events, and making connections with other students and faculty members, who can provide freshmen with valuable advice and support throughout their time at IEU.

    Exploring the Island

    The first week of students’ stay in Malta is also the perfect time to explore the island and get to know its natural wonders. The beaches are great for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and other water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing. If students are looking for something more adventurous than lying on a beach towel all day long (which wouldn’t be bad either), there are many hiking trails that take you through beautiful forests and offer stunning views of the valleys below.

    If we know our newbies are interested in learning more about Malta’s history – then visiting some of its historical sites would be a good idea–the Hypogeum or Tarxien Temples are two popular options but there are many others as well!

    International students have the opportunity to become part of a diverse community and experience life in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The first week at IEU is an exciting time for all new students as they make their way into their new homes away from their homeland. It can be daunting at first but with some preparation beforehand students always find it much easier than expected!

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