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Practical classes in medical biology at the European Medical School
Practical training is one of the crucial aspects of study!
🧑⚕️Students of the European Medical School take an active part in practical classes in medical biology. One of the important moments of practical classes is the study of our local herbs and their properties for the use in medicine.
👩🏫Under the supervision of experienced lecturers, students explore various types of medicinal plants, their botanical features and healing properties. They learn how to recognize plants, properly collect, dry and store them to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients.
Besides, classes include field trips where students can explore plants in their natural environment. It allows them to gain valuable experience working with live specimens as well as develop skills in plant identification and classification.
🧪Great attention is also paid to the chemical analysis of plant materials to determine their composition and identify active ingredients. It is significant for understanding how herbs can affect the human body and how they can be used in the treatment of various diseases.
Such practical classes provide medical biology students not only with theoretical knowledge but also with practical skills, which are an integral part of their future professional activities.

Coach Alina Druzhyna held the lecture on stereotypes, discrimination and non-violent communication
International European University hosted an exciting public lecture by coach Alina Druzhyna. The topic: Stereotypes. Discrimination. Non-Violent Communication impressed everyone with its relevancy and importance.
🔸 We focused on a range of crucial issues concerning each of us. Alina Druzhyna revealed the purpose of stereotypes, the problem of structural discrimination, as well as shared efficient means of communication. She provided valuable practical tips and highlighted matters to help each of us better understand others and ourselves.
We also played a conflict resolution game with participants to practice the topic of the meeting!
Don’t miss the next incredible event at IEU and advance your knowledge along with us🤝

Research by medical students at International European University
Students of International European University practiced working with microscopes and conducted exciting experiments on eukaryotic cells🔬
This experience provided them with valuable knowledge of cell processes and discovered new opportunities for the development of medical technologies.
A practical component is extremely important for advanced and functional knowledge, covering the major part of our training program.
We are proud of our talented students who take an active part in scientific activities and make a significant contribution to the development of medical science🤝

Understanding Conflict
At the Maltese campus of IEU, the “Understanding Conflict” Training took place, led by Coach Alina Druzhyna.
The training consisted of two sessions:
Theoretical Part:
What is conflict?
What types of conflicts occur in our lives?
Ways to resolve and transform conflicts.
Practical Part:
Performing group tasks to resolve conflict situations.
Simulating conflict on a given topic and developing solutions.
Students who completed both sessions received corresponding certificates!
These types of training sessions open new opportunities for students to solve problems and improve student life and learning.
We thank all participants for their active participation, good mood, and collaboration!
Meeting between Students and the Administration of the IEU Malta Campus
During the meeting, students got acquainted with the university’s leadership team, including the president and representatives from the dean’s office.
Everyone received a helpful student guide and learned about the process for obtaining student ID cards, class schedules, and other important details. A highlight of the event was the Q&A session, where students had the opportunity to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers from the administration
IEU Malta Campus staff meeting
The administration and staff of the International European University Campus in Malta held an operational meeting to discuss current issues and strategies for campus management.
During the meeting, they discussed topics related to the academic process, student life organization, infrastructure improvements on campus, and plans for the university’s future development. Attendees exchanged ideas on enhancing the quality of education and improving the student experience.
Classes at the IEU Malta Campus: Health and safety,
labor protection and civil defense. Сonducted by Dr. Jaya Raju
As part of the Europe Day celebrations, students in Malta participated in a quiz where they showcased their knowledge of Malta’s history and culture, as well as its role in the European Union.
This quiz helps students better integrate into the Maltese environment, acquainting them with the country’s culture and facilitating smoother adaptation. It’s also a great opportunity for students to get to know each other and have fun while learning something new.
Quiz: Malta and the European Union with Ukrainian Students”
During the class, key safety issues were discussed, along with the basic principles of civil defense. Students learned about the importance of adhering to labor protection rules and received valuable advice on maintaining their own health and safety.
Training “Understanding and transforming conflict”
On March 8, 2024 Training was conducted on the topic “Understanding and transforming conflict*. During the event, a lot of interaction was held with students in order to sort out the main questions: – what is a conflict; – what are the types of conflicts in our lives; – ways to solve and transform conflicts. Students came to a conclusion about the importance of conflict-free communication in building a peaceful society.
Scientific Research training by Łukasz Szarpak
On January 30, 2024, International European University in Malta hosted the Scientific Research training by tukasz Szarpak, the Honorary Professor of IEU.
Participants acquired valuable knowledge and practical experience that will help them in further scientific research and academic efforts.
Our long-standing tradition emphasizing our community and the importance of shared moments
The administration, academic staff and students of our Malta campus got together at a special event – a dinner together. This is our long-standing tradition emphasizing our community and the importance of shared moments. Spending time together allows us to establish a special relationship and level of trust that will remain forever in the memory. This dinner is not only about delicious food but also about unforgettable emotions and the establishment of friendly relations. These moments leave good memories and strengthen the spiritual cohesion of the University community.
The year ended with pleasant benefits: a team-building event and a Christmas quest bringing students together in an unusual way.
As part of team building, students took an active part in various team tasks aimed at developing cooperation, leadership and problem solving in the team. It encouraged communication and interaction between all participants and revealed their natural leadership qualities.
Łukasz Szarpak, the Honorary Professor of IEU, conduced the training for students
On January 29, 2024, tukasz Szarpak, the Honorary Professor of IEU, conduced the training for students. The Emergency medical training allowed participants to practice crucial skills without time limits under the supervision of coach tukasz Szarpak.
The Campus of International European University in Malta celebrated the anniversary of its foundation.
It is a crucial event for the whole University community.
The University’s founding day brought everyone together to learn and develop with celebration and relaxation regardless of differences in language, ethnicity or religion.
We believe that the holiday has become the embodiment of harmony and mutual understanding among various cultures studying and working together at the University.
Art therapy at the IEU Campus in Malta
A group students are at the IEU Campus in Malta.
Art therapy classes for students serve as an important tool for expressing emotions, developing creativity, and improving mental health. University life is often stressful and emotionally challenging, so art therapy provides a safe space to relax and decompress. Through various artistic techniques, students can express things that might be difficult to convey in words. This can help reduce anxiety, boost self-confidence, and strengthen emotional connections among participants, creating a more positive and supportive learning environment.
Team Building Workshop
The Campus of International European University in Malta hosted the team building aimed at developing friendship and team spirit among participants. Besides, it was a perfect opportunity to know each other better in an informal and entertaining atmosphere.
Students took an active part in various team tasks to develop cooperation and leadership while solving problems together. It facilitated communication and interaction between all participants, revealing their natural leadership qualities.
The IEU Campus in Malta hosted an exciting training in metaphorical cards.
Students were able to use esoteric studies and visualization to explore ways of professional fulfillment and find answers to important questions. This innovative approach allowed participants to better understand their goals and see new opportunities for career development. The training atmosphere encouraged creativity and personal growth.
Speaking club
The IEU Campus in Malta hosts Speaking clubs where participants discuss interesting and relevant topics dedicated to the first impression from Malta, local cuisine and culture. They share experience in studying and traveling to different countries. Such events not only help to improve language skills but also bring participants closer together, creating a favorable atmosphere for communication and exchange of experience.
Open lecture on the subject “Microbiology, virology and immunology”
The lecture was held by Associate Professor Hanna Shevchuk who talked about key aspects of these sciences and their impact on contemporary medicine. Students were able to explore state-of-the-art research, ask their questions and find out more about this exciting industry. Such a lecture format advances students’ knowledge and expands their worldview.
Study of microorganisms using the Gram method
The IEU Campus in Malta hosted an exciting class where students examined microorganisms using the Gram’s method. This method allows classifying bacteria into two main groups: gram-positive and gram-negative. Attendees learned how to use the Gram’s method correctly to identify the characteristic features of different types of bacteria. Such classes help students better understand microbiology and apply their knowledge in practice.

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