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Expanding to Malta

Welcome to New Campus!

We take great pride in announcing that the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus has found a new home on the picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta!

With heavy hearts burdened by the ongoing war in Ukraine, we have made the difficult yet necessary decision to seek solace and security beyond the borders of our beloved country. The well-being and success of our students remain our utmost priority, and in order to ensure their educational aspirations are fulfilled, we have chosen to embark on a bold new direction! We are thrilled to announce our relocation to the captivating shores of Malta, specifically the vibrant city of Griza. Malta not only offers us security and stability but also allows us to adhere to the modern standards of the Ukrainian higher education system that we hold dear, even as we traverse new horizons!

While we remain optimistic about the situation in Ukraine, our current focus is solely on providing the best educational and cultural experience possible at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus. We have every intention of returning to Ukraine and might take the decision about bringing the Student Campus back to Ukraine once stability is restored! We maintain a hopeful stance regarding the situation in Ukraine and are closely monitoring the latest developments.

We firmly believe that the relocation is the best decision for our students and their future success. Malta, with its tranquil shores and rich culture, aligns perfectly with the essence of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus! We are sure that despite the geographical change, our commitment to upholding the illustrious Ukrainian education standards remains unwavering. We carry the proud heritage of our Ukrainian roots with us and remain dedicated to providing a high-quality education that prepares our students for their bright futures beyond the classroom!

In this time of upheaval, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of you – our students, faculty, and staff – for your unwavering support and dedication. It is your incredible commitment to our academic community that has enabled us to embark upon this journey of relocation! Together, let us stay united in our hearts, waiting for the day when we can reunite in Ukraine to continue our academic journey of learning and personal growth!

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