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International European University recognizes the importance of holistic student development and has taken dedicated measures to provide optimal conditions for students to unwind and enhance their cultural horizons. IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus cooperates with the best gyms and sports clubs to offer spacious assembly halls that serve as versatile spaces for organizing and conducting sports events. The halls are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of activities, fostering active student engagement and interaction. International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus makes sure that state-of-art sports facilities that cater to the physical well-being are offered to every student. The university offers well-equipped sports halls utilized for physical education classes, physical therapy sessions, ergo therapy programs, and the hosting of various sports sections and competitions. Sports facilities not only promote a healthy and active lifestyle but also foster camaraderie and a sense of community among students. By offering comprehensive amenities, the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus enables students to strike a balance between their academic pursuits and personal interests. Holistic approach towards student development ensures that students have ample opportunities to relax, socialize, and participate in diverse extracurricular activities, contributing to their overall growth and cultural enrichment.

Sports Activities

A student’s life is very busy. International students in Malta have a lot to deal with in terms of assignments, practicals, exams, internships, workshops, lectures, and much more. Amidst the busy schedule, it is very important to take a break to refresh oneself. Extracurricular sports activities play a vital role in the educational process. Mentioned activities keep students positive, fresh, and energetic. The University has various student clubs and sports facilities to ensure International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus has a comprehensive learning environment apart from physical strength, sport builds discipline, confidence, and team spirit. Sports not only contribute to shaping your personality but also impact your academic performance significantly.

Local sports halls are fully equipped for training and sports competitions in basketball, volleyball, mini-football, big tennis, athletic gymnastics, table tennis, martial arts, and more. The halls have basketball boards, football gates, volleyball nets, nets for tennis and badminton, basketball, football, and volleyball, tables for table tennis, simulators, arboretums, bicycle ergometers, “Rehabilitation and Health” platforms, sports treads (horizontal and vertical thrust blocks for back muscles, linkage, horizontal exercise bike, thigh muscle trainer, Smith machine, chest machine, drive and pull muscle trainer, crossover, leg press trainer, professional dumbbells, disks, versatile wall, arm-wrestling table, barbell, dumbbell, drive to the bar, balls to develop hand, massage balls, stuffed, football, etc.).

The sports clubs available for international students in Cospicua include a football club, a sailing club, a wrestling club, and a swimming club. Sport at International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus is a great way of maintaining fitness and ensuring students are leading a healthy lifestyle. You can participate in individual recreational sports or competitive sports with your fellow students. It is an easy way to motivate yourself to get fit and strong and conduct communication with your classmates. Students can not only get themselves into shape, but they can also make their bodies a little less susceptible to injuries and fatigue as well. An important part of the sport is knowing your limits as much as your weaknesses. There’s no shame in saying that enough is enough. Sports activities at the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus give students a chance to meet new people and discover new talents.

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