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Predeparture Briefing

At the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus, we understand that international students may have questions and concerns about their journey to Malta and the admission process. That’s why we have a dedicated International Student Department committed to providing personalized support to our international students. We offer individual online meetings with students that typically last several hours, where we provide presentations and interactive sessions to guide students through the admission process and answer any questions they may have. Our team is ready to assist students at each step of their journey, from providing information about affordable tickets to Malta to assisting them in booking the appropriate flight.

Pre-departure briefings are important for international students before they arrive in Malta because they provide essential information that helps students to prepare for their new environment. IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus briefings offer an opportunity for students to learn about the culture, customs, and laws of their host country, as well as the academic and social expectations of the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus. Attending pre-departure briefings help students to avoid culture shock, which can be a significant challenge for international students. Students who attend IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus briefings are better equipped to adjust to their new surroundings and make the most of their study abroad experience. In addition to cultural preparation, pre-departure briefings provide practical information, such as visa requirements, health and safety considerations, and financial planning. Students can learn about available resources and support services, which can be especially helpful for those who are unfamiliar with Malta and its way of life.

Once students have purchased their tickets they should inform us about their arrival details, including the flight number, date, time, and port of arrival, at least a week before arriving in Malta. This information is crucial in ensuring that our representative can make arrangements to meet the student at the airport and escort them to campus. We understand that arriving in a new country can be overwhelming, and we want to ensure that our international students feel welcomed and supported from the moment they arrive in Malta. In addition to providing assistance with travel arrangements, we offer a range of support services to help international students settle into life in Malta. Our team can provide guidance on finding suitable accommodation, opening a bank account, obtaining a mobile phone plan, and other logistical arrangements.

We believe that studying abroad is a transformative experience that can open doors to new opportunities and broaden horizons. At the International European University, Ukraine – Malta Campus, we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment fostering academic excellence and personal growth. We welcome international students from around the world and look forward to helping them achieve their academic goals in Malta!

Arrival and Airport Pick-up

Upon arrival in Malta, International European University (IEU) requires international students to present complete documentation and proof of payment for the full first-year tuition fee as stated in the Admission Confirmation Letter to the Department of International Relations. To facilitate a smooth transition to the university, IEU offers a comprehensive service to assist international students with their arrival and airport pick-up. A representative from the university will be present at the airport to meet the student and provide transportation to their accommodation and the IEU, Ukraine – Malta Campus. IEU’s International Department supports international students throughout the registration process, including completing admission requirements, registering for university dormitories, arranging medical check-ups, extending visas, registering with the Immigration Department, legalizing documents, opening local bank accounts, and obtaining SIM cards for phone calls. The university provides all the necessary information regarding living and studying in Malta.

IEU informs the relevant authorities about the student’s arrival to avoid any immigration-related issues. During passport control, the Border Service will verify that the person meeting the student matches the representative authorized in the official letter. Upon arrival in Malta, international students are advised to have enough cash in Euros, as it may not be possible to change their national currency or use their local credit cards. IEU’s representative will assist students in opening a bank account in a local bank after their arrival. Students can start their classes within the short period of time required to finish the registration process after their arrival.

To prevent the loss of important documents and money, international students should keep them in their hand luggage during their journey to Malta. It is essential to bring original documents that were sent to IEU by email, including passports or any ID document available, school certificates, bachelor’s/master’s degree with transcripts (for postgraduate students), filled application forms, a document proving English language proficiency (for students from countries where English is not a national language), and proof of payment for the full first-year tuition fee.

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